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GED Preparation

We have two options for you to earn your GED.


GED Cohort

The GED Cohort is for students who prefer direct instruction and can commit to attending class two nights a week in addition to completing homework. Students may enter the cohort at select times during the year. Please have a look at the attachment for additional information.


Spring 2023

Reasoning through Language Arts: 3/15 - 5/25

Math: 3/15 - 5/15


Summer Boot Camps

RLA, Science, and Social Studies, 6/7 - 6/29

Math, 6/7 - 6/29


Classes are Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. Attendance on both nights is required.


Independent Study

Students who require flexibility with their schedule should consider the Independent Study option. Classwork is completed independently through an online curriculum with teacher support. Students must commit to working a minimum of five hours each week.


If you are interested in earning your GED, please follow these steps:


Watch the ASE orientation video located here: HSD and GED Orientation


Submit your contact information (instructions found in the video)


Staff will contact you to schedule a 30-minute intake appointment with a teacher advisor, which includes:

  • Reviewing program requirements
  • Creating your support plan
  • Committing to the number of hours you will work each week
  • Goal setting
  • Agreeing to attend a weekly 15-minute check-in appointment with a teacher-advisor


Take the CASAS Assessment and Math Placement Test

To start classes, students must have a minimum score on the CASAS Reading assessment. Students needing the Math GED must also take and have a minimum score on a math placement test. Pre-GED classes are available for students requiring extra support.

5. Start class