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Policies & Procedures


Uniform Complaint Procedures

In accordance with state guidelines, the District has adopted Uniform Complaint Procedures. Contact the Castro Valley Adult and Career Education Office for a copy of the policy at 510-886-1000. Or access the Procedures through our website, www.cvadult.org.


Classes are open to all adult students regardless of residency or citizenship. To fully participate in some CTE / Career Education classes and externships additional requirements apply and these are in the class descriptions.


Children are not permitted in any Castro Valley Adult and Career Education class except where they are a part of the class design and setting.


Photographing, videotaping, or recording is only permitted with instructor approval. Castro Valley Adult and Career Education reserves the right to photograph or video classes and program participants for promotional purposes.


Registered students, parents, or legal guardians of registered students participating in Castro Valley Adult and Career Education programs agree to hold the Castro Valley Unified School District free and harmless from any claim or expense that may arise because of participating in the class(es). Castro Valley Unified School District does not carry medical insurance for its students. Students are advised to consult their physician prior to enrolling in fitness courses or courses that require physical activity.

Class Cancellation Policy

Castro Valley Adult and Career Education reserves the right to cancel any class due to low or declining enrollment.

Refund Policies

If a Castro Valley Adult and Career Education class is cancelled, the student registration fee will be refunded in full. When a registered student withdraws from a class prior to the start, the registration fee (less a $10.00 clerical fee) will be refunded up until the day the class begins. No refunds will be made after the start of the first class meeting. 

No Smoking Policy

Smoking and/or the use of any tobacco or e-cigarette product is prohibited within any school buildings, on school grounds, and parking lots, during school-sponsored activities, in vehicles owned, and/or operated by the Castro Valley Unified School District, and in any building in which services are provided by employees of the District. (CVUSD Board Policy No. 3513.3)

Non-Discrimination Policy

Castro Valley Adult & Career Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender or handicap in any of its policies, procedures or practices. See back cover for full details. 


Please park in the main parking lot off Seven Hills Road whenever possible, rather than on Alma Avenue. This will help reduce congestion in front of neighbors' homes. Thank you.

Privacy Statement

Castro Valley Adult and Career Education is committed to maintaining the privacy of student personal information needed for registration and student records. All information collected will be protected within our agency and will not be sold for profit. Aggregated student enrollment and learning outcomes data (except Community Interest classes) is shared with the Department of Education and Adult Education Consortia member agencies for required data reporting. All education agencies and their staff are bound by contract and by law to maintain confidential information according to the standards set forth by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"), by the California Education Code section 49073.1 and, as appropriate, by the Health Information Privacy Protection Act ("HIPPA"). We strictly adhere to California Department of Education Privacy Policy, Government Code §11015.5, dated July 1, 2001 in our on-site and on-line registration procedures and management of student records.