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Fall 2022

Anything is possible!

In spite of a year filled with immense challenges, there has also been tremendous opportunity.  At Castro Valley Adult & Career Education we are filled with hope for the future.  We have spent the last several months innovating around the types of courses we offer and how we provide instruction.  We've identified ways to better serve our students through this past year by eliminating barriers to access.  And now, at last, a new school year begins!  We find ourselves in a landscape that is forever changed, in a time that will forever stand out.

And yet, some things remain constant.  Our community values lifelong learning and yearns to connect.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and friends care for each other and want the best for those they love.  Castro Valley Adult & Career Education, CVACE, is a hub for people who want to advance their education, improve their language skills, gain new hobbies and jumpstart their careers through our high-impact programs.  Our staff, including Buildings & Grounds, Front Office, Teachers, and more, are among the very best in the field and work tirelessly to create a school that we can all be proud of.  CVACE is the kind of place where you want to be.

This Fall, I invite you to share in our sense of excitement about what lies ahead.  Join us and find out what is possible for you!


Beth Cutter