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Fall 2023

Reach Your Full Potential!


When it comes to our friends and family, most of us are very good at giving encouragement. We send messages to boost their confidence. We tell them to 'go for it!' We offer suggestions on how they can navigate obstacles. We know they deserve to do the things they've dreamed of doing. It's time to do the same thing for yourself that you would do for a loved one! There is still more for you to do with your life, and now is the right time to reach your full potential.   


Maybe you want to continue your academic education, learn that hobby that you've always thought about, or start a new career! As you'll see in this brochure, Castro Valley Adult and Career Education has a vast array of high quality offerings. When you decide you're ready to tackle the next challenge, Castro Valley Adult and Career Education will support you on your journey. Our teachers and staff are passionate about their work and care about our students.


When you join our community you'll be with like-minded people who share similar goals or interests. Have fun in a rewarding way! The possibilities are endless.


Beth Cutter