About Us » Mission, Vision, and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

Mission, Vision, and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)

Our mission is to strengthen our communities by educating and preparing adults to train for new careers, continue their education, and pursue lifelong learning in a safe, supportive environment.




School Culture

We support one another as a collaborative learning community, where all staff engage in professional development, inspiring innovation and continual improvement.



We provide engaging, culturally responsive instruction that is accessible to all and sparks the joy of learning.


Learning Environment

We are devoted to creating a safe, supportive, and welcoming learning environment where all students can overcome barriers to success and reach their goals.



We continually develop and improve our curriculum to ensure that it is relevant and meets the diverse needs of students, community members, and employers both now and for the future.  


Physical Environment

We promote student success and learning by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and technology. 



We are a collaborative community partner that connects students to education, employment, and a variety of opportunities and resources.


  1. Students will identify and achieve their personal learning goals.
  2. Students will achieve a measurable increase in knowledge and skills.
  3. Students will develop core skills needed to be successful in post-secondary education, employment, and in the community.*

*Core skills include interpersonal skills, teamwork, work ethic, critical thinking, adaptability, and digital literacy.