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High School Diploma

Learn online from anywhere with an internet connection and teacher support to complete your classwork. Our online curriculum is interactive and includes audio and video. Online instruction is supported by credentialed teachers who are available to help you succeed.


If you are interested in earning your high school diploma, please follow these steps:


1. Watch the ASE orientation video located here: HSD and GED Orientation


2. Submit your contact information (instructions found in the video)


3. Register to take the CASAS test

Students must have a minimum score on the CASAS Reading assessment to start classes. Pre-high school diploma classes are available for students requiring extra support.


4. Schedule a 30-minute intake appointment with a teacher advisor, which includes:

  • Reviewing program requirements
  • Creating your support plan
  • Committing to the number of hours you will work each week
  • Goal setting
  • Agreeing to attend a weekly 15-minute check-in appointment with a teacher-advisor (in-person or virtually)
5. Start class


High School Diploma Requirements