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Strides Paid Internship Program

CVACE's Paid Internship for Adults with Disabilities runs nine months, from August to May. Interns work about four hours daily, supported by a transition specialist, and earn minimum wage. Placement aligns with intern interests and available sites. Adult school staff and work location teams collaborate with the transition specialist for intern support. The program is backed by the Department of Rehabilitation and the Regional Center of the East Bay for referrals and funding.
  • Must be at least 22 years of age and exited from high school or Transition Program or be 18 and graduated with a high school diploma.
  • Meet eligibility requirements for Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) services and be willing to apply to become a DOR client if not already.
  • Be a Regional Center consumer.
  • Willingness to comply with host business and CVUSD school district health requirements (e.g., wearing a mask over nose and mouth) based on current public health conditions.
  • Ability to work and provide required documentation (i.e., Social Security Card, California ID, Driver's License)
  • Have independent personal hygiene and grooming skills.
  • Maintain appropriate, safe behavior and social skills in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate an ability to learn the skills and knowledge required in the internship.
  • On-time arrival daily.
  • Able to consistently attend the Internship program - participate in four work hours and approximately one hour of classroom activities daily, five days per week.
  • Able to adhere to the host business' standards of dress and conduct.
  • Able to effectively communicate using verbal, nonverbal, and technologically-assisted methods of expression.
  • Able to travel independently to and from the CVACE.
  • Able to pass host business eligibility requirements as necessary (may include drug screening, criminal background check, current immunizations, proof of negative TB test, and completion of host business required training.
  • Desire and plan to work in an integrated setting in the community.
The 2024-25 school year applications will be available in February 2024. Click here to get additional information.