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Beyond ESL

Do you want to continue learning beyond your English as a Second Language Classes? CVACE can help! Take a look at some of the opportunities below.

Behavioral Health Worker Fellowship

The Behavioral Health Worker Fellowship is a joint program between CVACE, Chabot College, and the Diversity in Health Training Institute. 
Career opportunities in Behavioral Health include job titles such as:
   • Outreach Specialist
   • Community/Resource/Social Service Coordinator
   • Case Management/Social Services/Human Services Assistant
   • Independent Living Skills/Community Support/Outreach Specialist
   • Case Worker, Shelter Advocate, etc.
Occupational demand in the East Bay for employment of Behavioral Health Workers during 2018-23 is projected to grow 12%, with approximately 2,511 openings. The median hourly wage is $20 per hour.
Those who earn a Behavioral Health Certification may go on to advance their careers in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Social Justice Work, and Health Care Management.
The program includes:
Behavioral Health Coursework (16-18 units leading to a Certificate of Achievement through Chabot College)
   • Prepare you for entry-level para-professional jobs in human services
   • Provide a historical context of the human services profession
   • Learn hard & soft skill sets, including: interpersonal relationships, cultural competency/humility, active 
      listening, case management, group process, boundary setting, self-care, empathy, compassion.
   • Fieldwork in social work and human service
   • 16-18 college credits, 3 semesters, average 2 classes each semester.
Course-specific English Language Support through CVACE
Career coaching & planning
Professional Skills Workshop (resume, cover letter, and interview preparation)
Internship placement and possible PAID On-the-Job-Training placement
Financial aid application assistance if qualified
Application Deadline for the fall session is July 10, 2022. Apply here: https://bit.ly/2UhvUOb

Get Focused, Stay Focused!

In this class you will make a 10 Year Plan for your life. It will help you examine what is important to you and chart a path to get what you want. You will also learn about careers related to your interests, make a résumé, and meet new friends.
Your 10 Year Plan will help you succeed in college, at work, and in life! Topics include: Goal Setting, Budgeting, Managing Change, Decision Making, and much more!
If you are unsure of where your life is heading, then this class is for you! Sign up now on our interest list here: https://cvace.link/gfsf  More information about the class will be emailed in July. 

Advanced Bridge

Advanced Bridge class is a class in English communication and study skills that gives students the skills to transition into college-level and Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Vocational ESL (VESL) courses. Activities include teamwork, projects, presentations, and exams to ensure academic and career success, civic participation, and strategies for lifelong learning.
This course is for individuals who can:
   • Communicate effectively in regular conversations.
   • Understand main ideas and details of complex text; demonstrated in writing with relevant evidence and elaboration.
   • Effectively present ideas, facts, and details both in writing and speaking.
   • Confidently interact with native English speakers in real-life situations. 
This course will address:
   • Spontaneous verbal and written production
   • Both Conversational and Academic English usage for:
          • Social, academic, and professional purposes.
          • Coherent presentation of arguments and accounts. 
Course topics will be determined by:
   • Assigned textbook                       
   • Current events
   • Students' personal interests and everyday interactions. 
If you are a current Advanced student (in Jon's or Ruth's class during this last school year) or if you are a NEW student who understands, speaks, and writes English well but would like more practice, please sign up for the Advanced Bridge Interest list here: https://cvace.link/esl-bridge
Information for the fall class will be sent in July. 

Careers Class

This class uses EnGen, an online learning platform for English language learners that focuses on careers and workforce readiness skills, and is for Advanced level English students, students who score very high on their English placement test and are not able to enroll in our regular English classes, and students who have graduated from our English program.

Students will study in the EnGen Digital English program on their own schedule to improve their overall English skills and to gain the language skills needed for a variety of career areas. Students will also join a weekly Careers Conversation Zoom.


If you are a current Advanced student (in Jon's or Ruth's class during this last school year) or if you are a NEW student who understands, speaks, and writes English well but would like more practice, please sign up for the Careers Class Interest list here: https://cvace.link/esl-careers
Information for the fall class will be sent in July. 

Early Childhood Education Certificate

Are you interested in working in childcare, early childhood development, or preschool? Do you want to take college classes, but you might need help with your English? Then this new program starting in August 2022 might be right for you! Click on the flyer linked below for more information. Sign up now on our interest list: https://cvace.link/ecd More information will be emailed in July.

Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Fellowship

If you speak an Asian language and like helping people with physical or intellectual disabilities, you may be interested in this opportunity to learn how to become a Direct Support Professional. You will attend ESL classes at CVACE and also attend classes to learn about becoming a DSP. The DSP classes are supported by CVACE ESL teachers. 
Classes will start in October, but you can join an interest list now to be contacted with more information and how to apply later in the summer. Click on the flyer linked below for more information. Go to bit.ly/3lEpLas to complete the interest form.