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Beyond ESL

Do you want to continue learning, beyond your English as a Second Language Classes? CVACE can help! Take a look at some of the opportunities below.

Get Focused, Stay Focused!

Get Focused, Stay Focused! is a class that can help you discover and plan for a better future! This class will help you make goals for your education and your career and give you tools and resources that will help to meet those goals. The class for the fall quarter is already in progress. The next class will start in January. There will be an ONLINE orientation session on Tuesday, January 18 at 1:15pm. To register or to receive the link to the orientation session, fill out the form at https://cvace.link/gfsf

Earn your Behavioral Health Certificate

If you like helping people, this certificate program could help you move forward in the areas of counseling, psychology, social work, social justice work, or health care management. Through a partnership between the Diversity in Health Training Institute, Chabot College, and CVACE, students in this program will enroll in classes at Chabot AND receive support from ESL instructors at CVACE. This program is most appropriate for students already in advanced level ESL classes or who have tested out of ESL. 
Application deadline is Thursday, December 16th, 2021.

Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Fellowship

If you speak an Asian language and like helping people with physical or intellectual disabilities, you may be interested in this opportunity to learn how to become a Direct Support Professional. You will attend ESL classes at CVACE and also attend classes to learn about becoming a DSP. The DSP classes are supported by CVACE ESL teachers.
You must enroll in both CVACE ESL classes AND the DSP classes to be a part of the program.
The Fall DSP Cohort is already in progress. More information about a Spring Cohort coming soon.