Open to dogs 5 months and older. Dogs will learn basic commands including sit, down, come, stay, and many others. Owners must bring proof of shots to first class. A leash, collar, and treats will be needed. Equipment will be discussed at the first class. Aggressive dogs may be excused from class.

Puppy socialization class is for puppies between the ages of 2 and 5 months old. In this class we will work on socializing puppies, discuss puppy raising issues and start manners training. Owners should bring a 6 foot lead, buckle or snap collar, and treats, as well as proof of shots. Aggressive puppies may be excused from the class.

Canine Freestyle is sometimes referred to as “dancing with your dog”. It is a fun and relaxing sport in which a handler and dog move together to music. The movements can be heel work, tricks, and other fun moves! You do not have to be a dancer to enjoy this sport with your dog! Come join us for some freestyle fun!