Korean food is fast, healthy, and delicious. Learn how to make mouthwatering Korean BBQ, LA Galbi and Ssam (Korean style vegetable wrap), Seafood pancake and Bean sprout mixed rice and many Korean side dishes known as banchan. You’ll learn how to use authentic Korean ingredients such as garlic, hot pepper paste, bean paste, soy sauce, and lots of fresh vegetables. Recipes and shopping tips will be provided. If you’ve never tried Korean cuisine, you’re in for a treat in this class!

Two great taste experiences—Indian-inspired tapas and artisan olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting—one great class. Learn all about how flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars are made and how to taste and identify the flavors, have fun with a blind tasting of some select flavored varietals, and learn how to host your own tasting at home. And, discover how to make delicious Indian-inspired tapas, called Chaat cuisine.

Amaze your family and friends at your next birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, or any special event. You will be so proud and surprised at what you can achieve. Start a new hobby, or create a great way to save money!! Either way, it can be an enjoyable, fun experience for the beginner as well as a self-taught decorator. COME JOIN THE FUN!

This workshop will cover the basics of water-bath canning as an optimal method of preserving fruits and some vegetables from the urban garden. In this hands-on workshop, you will make your own low-sugar fruit jam. Everyone will walk away with a delicious jar of organic jam for those Sunday scones—and the knowledge to do it yourself.