This class is for our seafood lovers. You will learn to impress your family or your guests with four beautiful, yet easy to make Thai dishes with such exotic taste.

Tuscan-style Italian cooking is all about using seasonal, fresh ingredients, making it a perfect fit for cooks in the bountiful Bay Area.

Cook something delicious tonight! In this class you’ll discover classic Sicilian-style cooking in the New York/New Jersey style from an East Coast native who knows real Italian cuisine. Although it has a lot in common with Italian cuisine, Sicilian food also has Spanish, Greek, and Arab influences, making it something you can discover and enjoy again and again.

The health benefits from reducing or eliminating gluten can help address allergies, unhealthy weight, cognitive function, mood, skin conditions and even autoimmune disease. Come learn how you may benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle.

Indian Chaat Cuisine Plus Gourmet Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting
Two great taste experiences – Indian-inspired tapas and artisan olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting – one great class. Learn all about how flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars are made and how to taste and identify the flavors, have fun with a blind tasting of some select flavored varietals, and learn how to host your own tasting at home. And, discover how to make delicious Indian-inspired tapas, called Chaat cuisine.

Learn cake decorating and all the wonderful things you can do with icing that make your cakes look amazing. In 6 weeks you will be comfortable making roses, borders, transferring pictures, lots of flowers, and basket-weaving, and so much more.

Why not Stay Healthy Through the Holidays?
The holiday season can be a time of distracted, unhealthy eating, but why should it be? We can enjoy parties and feasts with healthy and delicious celebratory foods. Learn how to set aside nutritionally bankrupt foods made out of empty calories.