Cupcakes are everywhere! Different flavors, designs and shapes...even elegant wedding cupcakes. Some bakeries sell only cupcakes. They are great for school functions, birthday parties, showers and yes, weddings. So join the cupcake craze and create your own individual mini-masterpieces.

How can eating nutrient-dense whole foods help you lose those extra pounds? Proper nutrition can help reduce cravings, balance blood sugar, shift your metabolism toward burning fat, improve your digestion and increase your energy!

Humans have been culturing, sprouting and fermenting from our earliest days. Without refrigeration, these processes helped to preserve foods. As a “side” benefit, traditional live foods included beneficial bacteria that provided a powerful aid to improve digestion, boost immunity and much more. Food packaging and processing destroys bacteria and enzymes in order to create longer shelf life.

Learn cake decorating and all the wonderful things you can do with icing that make your cakes look amazing. In 6 weeks you will be comfortable making roses, borders, transferring pictures, lots of flowers, and basket-weaving, and so much more.