This 8 week class focuses on student behavior in the school environment. You will learn about behavior from a functional perspective, as an interaction between the student and the environment. You will learn about why children do the things they do, and how you can change their environment (including your own behavior) to help them learn more appropriate behaviors, while decreasing the problem behaviors.

Explore the dynamics of conflict, including what escalates and de-escalates conflict. Learn about a broad spectrum of approaches to handling differences; and develop practical skills and ways of thinking to make inter-personal problem solving more productive.

Explore a variety of communication approaches to collaborate effectively across differences. Learn how cultural values, status, thinking styles, and work styles affect collaboration. Develop and refine skills and strategies to promote mutual understanding across differences.

Are you trapped under an email avalanche? This one-day course will teach you valuable tools so you can better manage your email inbox.

Learn the basic concepts of programming. You will code exercises in JavaScript, a popular language that can run in any modern web browser. We will code HTML to build web pages with forms that contain text fields, buttons and menus. We will then code JavaScript to make these web pages respond to user inputs.

Computer game development can be both a fun way of learning how to program as well as a career in this $85 billion industry. Responding to player input and generating engaging graphics make computer games exciting. Our objective is to learn, use and develop confidence in the skills of programming in JavaScript to develop interactive games.

Notaries must:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be a California resident
  • Read, write, and understand English
  • Successfully complete this course
  • Pass a state exam (30 multiple-choice questions)
  • Pass a background check

A 3-hour renewal course is required for existing Notaries Public who are renewing their commission. The renewal course must be taken prior to the expiration date of your existing commission. If your existing commission expires prior to taking the course, then the full “Become a Notary Public” course is required.

No experience necessary. Title companies and lenders rely on mobile loan signing agents to facilitate obtaining signatures and notarizations for real estate purchases and loan documents. Loan signing agents generally make $75 - $200 per loan signing. Work weekdays, weeknights, weekends, full or part-time at your convenience

Learn the fundamentals of producing your own music/podcasts using industry-standard Pro Tools. This 2-part course covers the basic audio recording and production principles for the Pro Tools digital audio workstation.