Used in practically all industries from furniture design to construction, computer aided design software is an important tool and requirement for any type of modern design work. This course will teach the fundamentals of using Autodesk AutoCAD, the most widely used CAD software in the world.

In this course you will learn about cash control systems, accounting for a merchandising business, payroll accounting, and uncollectible Accounts Receivable. You will also perform financial statement analysis. Please bring a calculator or adding machine.

This course teaches concise accounting concepts to students who need to understand basic accounting principles. Learn about business transactions, the accounting cycle, T-accounts, and the key financial statements.

No experience necessary. Title companies and lenders rely on mobile loan signing agents to facilitate obtaining signatures and notarizations for real estate purchases and loan documents. Loan signing agents generally make $75 - $200 per loan signing. Work weekdays, weeknights, weekends, full or part-time at your convenience.

A 3-hour renewal course is required for existing Notaries Public who are renewing their commission. The renewal course must be taken prior to the expiration date of your existing commission. If your existing commission expires prior to taking the course, then the full “Become a Notary Public” course is required.

Notaries must:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be a California resident
  • Read, write, and understand English
  • Successfully complete this course
  • Pass a state exam (30 multiple-choice questions)
  • Pass a background check